TMF Staff

Area Staff

Melvin Amerson Senior Area Representative and Resource Specialist 512-583-1926
Richard Edwards Senior Area Representative for Northwest Texas Conference 512-583-1966
Debbie Hilliard Senior Administrative Assistant for Area Representatives and Event Planner 512-583-1950
John Mollet Senior Area Representative for the Central Texas Conference 512-583-1967
Carol Montgomery Vice President Area Representatives and for the North Texas Conference 512-583-1964
Scott Sharp Senior Area Representative for New Mexico Conference 512-583-1917
Tom Stanton General Counsel and Senior Area Representative for Rio Texas Conference 512-583-1927
Mark Woodward Senior Area Representative for the Texas Conference 512-583-1916


Ryan Collier Marketing Operations Specialist 512-583-1959
Tommy Darwin Brand Manager 512-583-1958
Levi McKay Marketing Manager 512-583-1932
Janet Mitchell Chief Marketing Officer 512-583-1942
Andy Moore Graphic Design Specialist 512-583-1939


Laura Fuqua Corporate Secretary 512-583-1955
Lisa Greenwood President 512-583-1955
Curtis Vick Executive Vice President 512-583-1919

Foundation Relations

Sally Richard Administrative Assistant 512-583-1940
Justin Gould Vice President of Foundation Relations 512-583-1944
Maggie Johnson Salesforce Data Analyst 512-583-1949
Karyl Seibert Assistant Vice President of Donor Services Administration 512-583-1921
Charles Smith Foundation Relations Representative 512-583-1928

Grants Ministry

Wendy Abel Vice President of Grants Ministry 512-583-1934
Sarah Rich Administrative Assistant 512-583-1970

Leadership Ministry

Bishop Janice Riggle Huie Leadership Formation 512-583-1961
Janet Klosterboer Executive Assistant 512-583-1936
Blair Thompson-White Vice President 512-583-1962
Krystol Wheeler Assistant Vice President of Strategic Initiatives 512-583-1952
Leah Yancey Leadership Ministry Assistant 512-583-1953

Lending and Investment Management Services

Virginia Addington Methodist Loan Fund Services Assistant 512-583-1948
Sara Beltran Assistant Vice President of Fund Administration 512-583-1920
Derek Casteel Director of Investment Services 512-515-1431
Randi Forrest Investor Services Assistant 512-583-1956
Robert Hoppe Vice President of Loans and Real Estate 512-583-1937
Elisavet (Betty) Mancilla Loan Closing/Funding Assistant 512-583-1969
David McCaskill Senior Vice President of Loans 512-583-1931
Paulette Morris Loan Funder/Closer/Analyst 512-583-1951
Daniel Park Loan Officer 512-585-1914
Paula Sini Assistant Vice President of Loans 512-583-1954
Cheryl Westbrook Assistant Vice President of Loans 512-515-1428


Andrea Bryant Office Operations Administrative Assistant 512-583-1943
Laura Castillo Payroll and Benefits Admin 512-583-1938
Linda Parnell Receptionist 512-583-1900
Susan Puhar Assistant Vice President of Human Resources 512-583-1925
Sonia Riley Office Manager, Assistant Vice President 512-583-1946
Gerry Schoening Controller, Assistant Vice President 512-583-1923
Edgar Vallarta Assistant Vice President of Accounting 512-583-1971
Nathan Van Allen Records Specialist/ IT Support 512-583-1918
Cindy White Director of Information Technology and Database Management 512-583-1915

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