Purpose Conversations

Purpose conversations provide an opportunity for Area Representatives to ask church leaders the question, “What is the difference God is calling this congregation to make in the lives of its members, in the community, and the world?” Through these conversations, we are then able to connect congregations and pastors with needed resources to achieve their God-appointed mission.

Holy Excavation


Holy excavation is a one day workshop for unearthing our hopes and dreams for God’s world. This workshop may be right for your church if:

...you realize that you can name what you do (your activities), but it’s harder to name the difference you are making in people’s lives or the world, or

...you realize most decisions in the church are made to solve problems or keep people happy rather than to respond to the continuing call of God.

Holy Conversations


The Holy Conversation process seeks to answer the question, “What is the difference God is calling us to make in the coming season of the church’s life?” and create a plan for how to get there. This process might be right for your church if:

...there is a clear recognition the congregation’s ministry lacks focus, or

...it has become hard to name the difference the congregation is making, or

...a building project is envisioned and the leaders realize they must answer the question, “Why are we building this?”, or

...the goals from a previous long-range plan were either accomplished or abandoned.

TMF Resource Database

TMF's Resource Database is another method for connecting the congregation to resources relevant to their unique goals for missional growth, both within their congregation and in their community. The database includes books and other resources that focus on our denominational heritage and our region and reflect TMF's emphasis on creating cultures of purpose and generosity.

The Congregational Resource Guide

Find curated resources to address your congregation’s needs.

Planning and Discernment Guide

God’s calling will be found at the intersection of the congregation’s greatest
capacity, and the mission field’s most urgent need.