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Merry Christmas From
Texas Methodist Foundation

A Blessing from Rev. Lisa Greenwood

Dear Friends,

This season brings us the good news that we are not alone. We need each other, and we need the One who comes that we might know Hope and Joy.

I offer these words of blessing from our family to yours.

Merry Christmas,

Rev. Lisa Greenwood
President & CEO 
Texas Methodist Foundation

A Christmas Blessing

Over this past year, I've thought a lot about the importance of connection, friendship, and belonging. We're all on a journey to know and better understand ourselves and God at work around us—and I do believe it is our relationships, our community, that give us a picture and help us along the way.

I look around, and I am inspired by generosity and hopefulness and perseverance displayed in real-time—I hope you've seen glimpses of that, too. In the Christmas season, we celebrate that, in Jesus, God is with us, that God knows us fully, messy, and imperfect as we may be, and loves us completely.

In this season, I am grateful for the ways we are connected. And I pray for you and for me, for those we love, and those we don’t even know around the globe, who need love. I pray that we all might experience connection, friendship, and belonging, that we might know, deep in our bones, that we are loved fully. I pray this Christmas that we might embrace joy and share peace.

By the grace of God, may it be so, dear friends, Merry Christmas.