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Pinky's Inspiration

“I want to help the church do something so wonderful, it’s obvious God’s work is in action,” said Ellen “Pinky” Snow when asked about desired outcomes for her endowment to support local mission work through the First Methodist Church in Angleton, Texas.

A dedicated Methodist in her nineties, Pinky recently decided to accelerate a charitable gift she originally intended to make through a bequest in her will. Inspired by a sermon from Rev. Emily Chapman, Sr. Pastor at St. Mark’s UMC in the Heights area of Houston, Pinky wondered if now was the time to give back to Angleton, her home for more than 60 years.

Learning about the impact of the missions and outreach in the Heights, Pinky felt the Lord speak to her at that moment, encouraging her to lead by example and do her part to help FUMC Angleton to be just as effective in serving its neighbors.

After marrying Joseph “Joe” Snow in 1951, the couple moved to Angleton and joined FUMC where Joe and much of his family were life-long members. Pinky has continued being an active member of the church and her surrounding community. She witnessed the positive effects of the good work done by the Methodist church to support her community and wanted to ensure that work could continue.

After 63 wonderful years of marriage, Joe passed away in 2014, and Pinky moved from Angleton to Houston to be closer to her three children, two of whom are lawyers, and one a retired chemical engineer. She decided to sell some property near Angleton that she and Joe had inherited from his family. The land she sold was originally a land-grant made to Joe's family after serving in the Texas Army in the Battle of San Jacinto.

Because generations of her extended family grew up and supported their community in the Angleton area, Pinky felt it was appropriate to use the proceeds from that land sale to continue supporting missions in their community.

Pinky believes mission work is closely tied to growth in discipleship and is a firm believer in the concept of stewardship, noting her long-held belief that Christians should tithe both time and money to continue God’s work.

For those who contribute primarily with tithes and offerings, she hopes this mission-focused endowment will nurture more participation in the outreach ministries of the church as an avenue for growth in their own faith journey. “The closer you are to God, the more you want to do,” she observed.

There are countless needs in the Angleton community, and Pinky is confident the Methodist church will be able to use the funds from her endowment to answer God’s call to love their neighbors in need for years to come.

“The best way to influence people is to see God’s work in action,” she says.

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