Apply for a Grant - Overview

TMF Grants Ministry supports churches and other nonprofits whose work contributes to the world that God imagines. We believe in the abundance of God’s gifts and graces and take an asset-based approach to ministry.

At TMF we believe that grants are an ideal vehicle for helping congregations and organizations to clearly define their vision and purpose in working to bring about positive and sustainable change. We also believe in the importance of measuring outcomes, because information is key to learning where we have succeeded as well as understanding areas where challenges remain.

The Grants Committee reviews grant requests two times each year, in the invitation cycle and the competitive cycle.



  • Must be a 501(c)(3) organization
  • Must provide services in Texas and/or New Mexico
  • Must provide services that align with the focus areas detailed on the TMF website

TMF looks for one or more of the following criteria for grant application:

  • Highlights the potential that may be seen if resources were available
  • Outlines well-planned and efficient use of funds
  • Identifies adequate local and extended support to sustain the project beyond the grant period
  • Utilizes relevant collaborative partners and resources networks
  • Includes sufficient volunteer leadership and staffing, where appropriate