Investment Types and Rates

TMF investments for individuals and nonprofits: TMF offers impact investments, which are fixed-rate certificates for individuals and nonprofits. When you make an impact investment with TMF, you are investing in ministry through our Loan Fund. Our loans expand ministries, redesign innovative spaces, and enhance missions.

TMF investments for nonprofits:
TMF offers equity and bond fund investments, which are for nonprofits. When you make an equity and bond investment with TMF, you are investing in a unique menu of fund portfolios that are in alignment with our Wesleyan Tradition.

What are equity and bond investments?

TMF's Multi-Asset Portfolio and the Wespath Funds

TMF Balanced Portfolio will typically allocate 60% - 70% of assets to equities and between 30% - 40% to fixed income instruments, notes, and cash equivalents. View a recent report.

What are the TMF Wespath Funds?

Wespath Funds offered:

Wespath U.S. Equity Fund – I Series (USEF-I)
Wespath Fixed Income Fund – I Series (FIF-I)
Wespath Inflation Protection Fund – I Series (IPF-I)
Wespath International Equity Fund – I Series (IEF-I)
Wespath Multiple Asset Fund – I Series (MAF-I)

Wespath Funds are advised by Wespath Institutional Investments, a not-for-profit investment management subsidiary of Wespath Benefits and Investments (WBI), a general agency of The United Methodist Church that was founded in 1908. Wespath Benefits and Investments (WBI) oversees over $24 billion in assets on behalf of over 100,000 retirement plan participants and over 150 United Methodist-affiliated institutions.

*Earnings are reported monthly and reflect the fund’s total valuation (net of fees). Returns are based on the actual market performance of the investments within the fund.

What are the returns?

TMF Multi-Asset Portfolio performance as of 3/31/2023
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YTD 3/31/20231 Year3 Years5 Years10 Years
Balanced portfolio

BP report

Wespath Fund performance as of 3/31/2023
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YTD 5/31/20231
U.S. Equity Fund
USEF Information
International Equity Fund
IEF Information
Fixed Income Fund
FIF Information


Inflation Protection Fund
IPF Information


Multiple Asset Fund
MAF Information

Over the past 10 years, our investments have yielded the following total returns. Keep in mind, past performance is not an indication of future results. To view a comprehensive list of the investment vehicles offered by TMF.

View the most recent Monthly Investment Report provided by Wespath Institutional Investments.

For detailed information on the Wespath funds, please visit the Wespath website.

The performance track record for the Wespath funds presented herein represents the linking of historical return streams of two separate and distinct series of funds within the Wespath Funds Trust.

For the period prior to January 1, 2019, it has been comprised of the return stream of the sole series of Wespath fund shares that existed during that time. For the period beginning January 1, 2019, it has been comprised exclusively of the returns of a second newly-created fund series, the I Series, into which all TMF client accounts with balances in the Wespath Funds were transferred on that same date. Returns do not reflect the deduction of TMF administrative fees.

Rates of return reflect past performance and are no guarantee of comparable future results. The prices of the Wespath funds will rise and fall with the value of the investments held in the funds, so investors may lose money.

Investment results shown in the accompanying table reflect the deduction of all fees incurred by the Funds, including but not limited to expenses related to investment management, marketing, and custody. Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses before investing. This and other information are contained in the Investment Opportunities and Information Statement.

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When you invest with TMF in our equity and bond Investments, you are investing in our work as a foundation. In alignment with the Wesleyan Tradition, we offer a unique menu of fund portfolios that promote socially responsible options, enabling churches and nonprofits to achieve their long-term investment objectives and empowering our work in Texas and New Mexico.

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