Impact Investment Resources

Weekly Investment Impact FlyerTMF offers helpful resources for impact investing.

Please share these resources with church members and others you know who would be interested in supporting Methodist ministries in Texas and New Mexico through impact investments.

FAQs About Individual Investments

What are the advantages of investing in the individual fund?

Our individual fund and IRA investments offer rates generally higher than comparable CDs and money market investments while providing much-needed resources for churches seeking to expand their ministries for the greater good.

When was the individual fund established?

The Individual Fund was established in 1997 so individuals could invest in the Methodist Loan Fund, along with churches. In response to requests from investors, TMF began offering Individual Retirement Accounts through the Individual Fund in early 2006.

What is the Methodist Loan Fund?

The Methodist Loan Fund is competitively priced and designed specifically to support Methodist churches, congregations, and nonprofits through the investments of churches, agencies, and institutions that share the TMF Mission of making a positive impact on the lives of people in a congregation, in our community, and throughout the world. The Methodist Loan Fund has funded projects such as new construction, capital improvements, and expansion for existing facilities to grow their ability to minister to their communities. The fund is well managed, governed by a strong board of directors, and the money invested is conscientiously distributed.

How long are individuals required to invest, and how much?

Individuals are required to invest at least $1,000 for at a minimum of one year.

Is my individual fund or IRA investment considered an act of stewardship?

Definitely. You are earning, saving, and giving in the Wesleyan spirit when you invest in the TMF individual fund.

Does my investment benefit churches in my conference?

Yes, your individual fund or IRA investment benefits churches in your conference, as well as other conferences. Ultimately, your investment benefits the individuals and families who receive help, healing and hope in the name of Christ from those congregations.