Neil Moseley

Neil Moseley

I have worked in local churches since 2004 in a variety of ministry roles. I moved to White Rock UMC to experiment with urban church renewal. WRUMC had lost connection with its neighbors, viewed its beautiful, aging building as a liability, and despaired for its future. My job was to start connecting, preach hope, clean the building, and help create a new vision for the old building. After only 3 years turning WRUMC around, we decided to take on another campus in a more resource & opportunity poor neighborhood after one of our partner UMCs decided to close.

Just as I did at White Rock, I began building partnerships with non-profits, after school programs, community groups, and other ministers. Owenwood has and will continue to evolve into a multi-use space for the community to tell their stories, connect with one another, find resources to make ends meet, teach and learn, and live out the Gospel.

We have met with churches and ministers from all over the country to share what we’ve experienced and learned at White Rock & Owenwood. Out of those conversations, I connected with Partners for Sacred Places to bring my voice to their work for preservation of historically significant sacred spaces through strategic partnerships, space repurposing, capital campaigning, community engagement and activism.

I have benefitted from lots of conversations with TMF as a participant on the President's Advisory Committee, Legacy Church Project, Forum on Wesleyan Potential and now CLI.

I spend most of my time with my wife, Rev. Elizabeth Moseley, and our 3 kiddos: Nathaniel (6), Evangeline (4) & Josephine (2).

Right now I am reading: White Fragility (DiAngelo) & One Person, No Vote (Anderson); I listen to Pod Save America, Broken Record, More Perfect & several other podcasts.