The Challenges and Opportunities of Our Current Reality: A Look toward the post-pandemic church

Since mid-March, TMF has hosted several Zoom conversations with church leaders, including pastors, bishops, foundation directors, and other faith leaders. The purpose of those conversations has been to gather observations and learnings about the pandemic’s impact on the church today and for the foreseeable future. This living document attempts to summarize significant trends that are emerging.


In the course of conversation with church leaders across the country, we have identified five ‘muscles’ that must be stretched and exercised because the Body of Christ must be healthy and nimble to face such an unknown future. These spiritual exercises are not new to us, but the muscles may have become atrophied from lack of use.

5 Muscles
5 Muscles


Facing resistance when many want to 'return to normal.'

Facing denominational expectations for money and metrics.

Needing willing laborers to share the work of keeping the vision alive.

Dealing with the self-doubt involved in having to make decisions so quickly.

Asking, "Am I up to this?" "Do I have the energy and the will?"

Addressing the urgent and systemic needs accompanying economic disparities.