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Stories of Stewarding Potential

Feb 26, 2024

Cy-Hope Lives into its God-Sized Dream of Bringing Hope to At-Risk Children

Rallying the entire Cypress, Texas community to transform childhoods, making life better for its children, Cy-Hope provides counseling, fine arts programs, access to food in and out of school, and a hope-filled Christian summer camp experience for underserved youth.

“We identify problems and try to help provide ways,” said Lynda Dierker, executive director of Cy-Hope. “We are working to do God-sized things for the children of our community, recognizing that God guides us, and we just have to be faithful, walking in His path.”

Texas Methodist Foundation is grateful to play a part in expanding this life-changing ministry. Since 2018 we have provided four grants to fund mentoring, STEM tutoring, and life skill development through its Hope Centers. In 2016, TMF funded a loan enabling Cy-Hope to acquire “The Cypress Alamo” event center.

We are now supporting Cy-Hope in their mission to develop Dierker’s Champs, a community-focused baseball program led by former Houston Astros All-Star pitcher Larry Dierker. We are drawing on TMF’s expertise and full suite of offerings to ensure that more of Cy-Hope’s financial resources go directly into serving their community.

Each time Cy-Hope connects with a child to empower them with education, love, and joyful moments, the future of the Cypress community blossoms.