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Philanthropy Give Appreciated Securities

Give Appreciated Securities

Many people have discovered the advantages of making a special gift or paying their pledge to their church through appreciated stock. By making such a gift, you escape the capital gains tax on the appreciation, and you have the benefit of a charitable deduction on your income tax of the current market value of the stock.

TMF offers a free service through which you can make a gift to benefit your church or other Methodist institution using stocks. We receive the securities, sell them, and then send the proceeds to the intended recipient.

Follow these three easy steps:

1. Fill out this Gift of Stock Letter of Instruction to your broker noting your intentions to give and email it to Randi Forrest. Please feel free to contact Randi at 800-933-5502 with any questions.

2. Send the Gift of Stock letter.

3. Notify your church or other United Methodist institution about the gift. They will provide you with the gift receipt for tax purposes.

Email Randi Forrest

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