A Story of Resilience - Romonica's Story

Rev. Romonica Malone-Wardley is District Superintendent of the Southeast District of the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. She has met people and congregations who have lived through one devastating storm after another.

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Rev. Romonica Malone-Wardley

District Superintendent

Rev. Romonica Malone-Wardley is the District Superintendent for the Southeast District of the Texas Annual Conference.


Show Notes


  • “They understand that God gives them the strength to rally and come together to support one another and their neighbors again and again and again.” -Romonica Malone-Wardley [03:01]
  • “As much as they would love for there to be no storms or no need, they’ve experienced enough to look towards the future and know that it’s a reality and they want to prepare themselves to be able to help.” -Romonica Malone-Wardley [05:25]


  • [00:00] Intro
  • [01:29] Time here is marked by storms
  • [03:18] Hearing these stories firsthand
  • [06:48] Connexionalism at its best


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Reservoirs of Resilience is inspired by the monograph written by Bishop Janice Huie. Read the full publication here.

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