A Story of Resilience - Ugonna's Story

Ugonna Onuoha’s daughter Agnes was diagnosed with lupus in third grade and passed away in 2019 at age 23. Ugonna tells the story of Agnes’ illness and death to an audience for the first time in this episode.

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Rev. Ugonna Onuoha


Rev. Ugonna Onuoha is a Staff Chaplain at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.


Show Notes


[00:00] Intro

[01:21] Raising a child with lupus

[06:13] The image of the Good Shepherd

[10:11] Receiving comfort and support

[14:38] Taking care of herself

[17:37] The great pain

[20:00] Three things to surround yourself with


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Reservoirs of Resilience is inspired by the monograph written by Bishop Janice Huie. Read the full publication here.

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