Episode 2: The Purpose of the Institutional Church

At TMF, we have wrestled over the years with the idea of serving the “purpose” of the church as opposed to the “institution” of the church. Gil Rendle led us in conversations about that distinction and now with his latest paper, Jacob’s Bones.

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Gil Rendle

Gil Rendle


Dr. Gil Rendle is a retired Senior Vice President and part-time consultant with The Texas Methodist Foundation in Austin, Texas and an independent consultant working with issues of change and leadership in denominations. Rendle has an extensive background in organizational development, group and systems theory, and leadership development. He has consulted with congregations on planning, staff and leadership development, and issues of change. He is well known for his work with middle judicatory and national denominational offices and staff as they wrestle with denominational and congregational change.


Show Notes

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Read Gil Rendle’s publication “Jacob’s Bones: On the Church’s Institutional Future” for free on our website here.

In the intro, Blair references this article from Fortune: 2022 Will Be A Year of Continuing Transformation by Alan Murray and David Meyer.

Read Lisa Greenwood’s monograph about God’s Mixed Ecology: The Changing Spiritual Landscape here.  

“God Has Work for Us To Do” music and lyrics by Mark Miller. Visit Mark’s website at markamillermusic.com or find him on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/c/markismusic67

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