Today’s Spiritual Landscape with Casper ter Kuile and Tom Locke

Rev. Lisa Greenwood interviews her co-host for this season, Casper ter Kuile. Casper is the author of The Power of Ritual and the co-founder of Sacred Design Lab, a soul-centered research and development lab.

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Show Notes

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For information about Casper ter Kuile, visit his website: https://www.caspertk.com and check out the work of Sacred Design Lab at https://sacred.design

This season features Wesleyan Investive’s 2021 Tom Locke Innovative Award winners. The award honors spiritual entrepreneurs who have envisioned a broader mission field and have taken risks to make their God-sized dreams a reality. For more information about the award and the recipients, visit https://award.wesleyaninvestive.org

“God Has Work for Us To Do” music and lyrics by Mark Miller. Visit Mark’s website at markamillermusic.com or find him on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/c/markismusic67

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