Igniting Imagination

Igniting Imagination is a podcast to spark the spirit within you, from Wesleyan Investive and Texas Methodist Foundation. We believe every movement for change starts with conversation. We hope the conversations in these episodes might invite you into new perspectives and possibilities, inspire you with an idea, give you insight about your next faithful step…and further equip you to engage in the conversations in your context that can lead to deep change. This season, we are sharing with you conversations with the inaugural class of Tom Locke Innovative Leader Award winners.

Jen Bailey 02

Composting Religion with Jen Bailey, Locke Innovative Leader Award Winner

Co-hosts Lisa Greenwood and Casper ter Kuile talk with Rev. Jen Bailey about her womanist-led Faith Matters Network and how the organization has focused on “healing the healers” of transformative social movements through a variety of programs.

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Connecting the Organizational Center and the Innovative Edge with Leroy Barber, Locke Innovative Leader Award Winner

Leroy is a seasoned innovator who has spent decades as a spiritual entrepreneur and yet, he now serves deep in the center of the institution of the church. How does an edge leader thrive when working in the heart of the center? Relationships.

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Matt Russell 03

Improbable Friendships with Matt Russell, Locke Innovative Leader Award Winner

Co-hosts Lisa Greenwood and Casper ter Kuile talk with Dr. Matt Russell about what he calls the “improbable friendships'' that have enriched his life and influenced the direction of his ministry.

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Intangible Currencies and Social Banking with DeAmon Harges, Locke Innovative Leader Award Winner

DeAmon is the original “Roving Listener” who defined the role by his posture of curiosity and his passion for discovering the gifts and talents of the people in his community.

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Andre 006

Justice and Healing with Community Defender Emmanuel Andre, Locke Innovative Leader Award Winner

Lisa and Casper talk with Emmanuel Andre who prefers to be known as a “Community Defender” instead of a “Defense Attorney.” This conversation invites us all to consider our responsibility to create spaces where hope and healing can flourish.

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Locke 01

Today’s Spiritual Landscape with Casper ter Kuile and Tom Locke

Rev. Lisa Greenwood interviews her co-host for this season, Casper ter Kuile. Casper is the author of The Power of Ritual and the co-founder of Sacred Design Lab, a soul-centered research and development lab.

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Meet the Musician Who Makes the Podcast Come Alive!


Mark Miller


Mark Miller has a passion for building community through music and believes that everyone is a Child of God. He also adheres to Cornel West’s belief that “Justice is what love looks like in public.” Mark is Associate Professor of Church Music, Director of Chapel, and Composer In Residence at Drew University in Madison NJ, and is a Lecturer in Sacred Music at Yale University. He is also the Minister of Music of Christ Church in Summit, New Jersey.


Meet the hosts behind the podcast

Episode Quotes

If you're only looking at the decreasing numbers of people in the pews, then it's going to look like decline. But if you stretch your gaze beyond that, you see the people looking for meaning and purpose and community in all sorts of new places.
– Casper ter Kuile
Episode 1
It is okay to be inspired by things that happen outside the four walls of your local church. God is still unfolding God's mission and purpose in the world…The spaces of inspiration may not look like the spaces where you traditionally go to be inspired. There are spiritual leaders who are not clergy, who are beginning to, to innovate and respond to the urgent needs of the world and they can be our teachers as well.
– Jen Bailey
Episode 2
The moment that we are in…is a need for the spiritual discipline of curiosity. We have just lost the discipline of being curious. And so I think all friendship starts with a curiosity, a deep wondering, a deep, “I wonder how that works. I wonder how that person understands the world.”
– Matt Russell
Episode 3