The Five Adaptive Muscles + Disruptive Trends Bonus Episode

This season, we are sharing conversations about the five adaptive muscles the church must strengthen to be fit, agile, and ready for God’s now. We believe every movement for change starts with conversation. We hope the conversations in these episodes might invite you into new perspectives and possibilities, inspire you with an idea, give you insight about your next faithful step…and further equip you to engage in the conversations in your context that can lead to deep change. Additionally, we have a bonus episode focused on disruptive trends for 2022!

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Bonus Episode: Disruptive Trends Impacting Churches

Vice President of Leadership Ministry and host Rev. Lisa Greenwood welcomes guests Rev. Rachel Billups and Rev. Matt Rawle to discuss disruptive trends impacting churches. They discuss how multi-access is here to stay and more!

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Episode 1:

Leading Organizational Grief

Shannon Hopkins, co-founder and lead cultivator of RootedGood, profoundly understands that grieving well makes discerning purpose and expanding imagination possible. In this episode, Shannon shares the origin story of her organization RootedGood.

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Episode 2:

The Purpose of the Institutional Church

At TMF, we have wrestled over the years with the idea of serving the “purpose” of the church as opposed to the “institution” of the church. Gil Rendle led us in conversations about that distinction and now with his latest paper, Jacob’s Bones.

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Episode 3:

Nurturing Thriving Communities

This week, we hear from Adam Barlow-Thompson about moving from the theoretical ‘love your neighbor’ to the literal: meet your neighbors in the eight houses or apartments around you and discover the gifts God has given them.

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Episode 4:

Power and Abundance

When Mike and his congregation started actually living out their beliefs that everyone (both inside and outside of the church) has gifts, it changed their perspective–and their church–for the better.

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Episode 5:

Prophetic Imagination in a Parking Lot

Mandy McDow, pastor of LA FUMC, shares the story of razing their building in 2002. That reality forces a posture of constant discernment: God, what is the difference you would have us make in this neighborhood in this season?

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Episode Quotes

I think for the church, I really believe that the future is more exciting than the past. And if we can let go of fear and let go of nostalgia, then I just think we can say, ‘God, we're going to trust you to lead us into the future.’ Then, we will go into communities in a different way, in a different posture. We don't exist for our own survival, but for the love of God and the love of neighbor.
– Shannon Hopkins
Episode 1
Perhaps problem solving is the wrong way to go at this, that we have to begin to open our spirits up again and begin to talk about purpose: Why are we here? What is God asking at this point? What is the gospel bringing to this moment that can be lived out, even if it's in a different organizational form.
– Gil Rendle
Episode 2
What if your church became the community connector and all the people in your church were like we're out trying to uncover all of these hidden gifts and talents that exist in the community, and then just connecting them together so that people could use their gifts.
– Adam Barlow-Thompson
Episode 3
We started making investments outside the church...If somebody had a gift and an interest and wanted to do something, we would support it. Why would we not do that in the local community?
– Mike Mather
Episode 4
We have bound ourselves if we don’t permit...imagination. So what we've been able to do is say this parking lot is sacred. We have claimed an identity of being houseless because we are, and this lot is sacred ground.
– Mandy McDow
Episode 5