Igniting Imagination - Season 6

President Lisa Greenwood, co-host Gil Rendle, and special guests from diverse theological perspectives discuss what core values and truths to carry forward and include in the future church. What values and truths will you carry forward?

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Episode 1:

Methodist Hope for what Comes Next with Will Willimon

What better way to start our season about the values the church must carry forward into the future than with the ‘gadfly of the church,’ Bishop Will Willimon!

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Episode 2:

The Gravity of Joy with Angela Gorrell

“America’s crisis of despair crashed into my life while I was getting paid to think about joy” is how Dr. Angela Gorrell begins her book on joy and that is where we begin our conversation.

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Episode 3:

The Power of Unconditional Love with Greg Boyle and Justin Coleman

How grateful we are to have recorded this beautiful and rich back and forth between Gil, Rev. Lisa Greenwood, Father Boyle and Rev. Justin Coleman!

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Episode 4:

People, Places and Processes for Healing with Jorge Acevado

Grace Church is the perfect name for the now large, multi-site, United Methodist congregation in Southwest Florida that Jorge Acevedo started two decades ago.

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Episode 5:

A Better Version for Human Flourishing with Andy Crouch

Andy Crouch believes that one of the biggest challenges of pastoral ministry right now is not being seduced by the false vision of human flourishing that our culture offers and that technology optimizes.

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Episode 6:

The Gifts of Wilderness with Bishop Gregory Palmer

Bishop Palmer reflects on the gifts of this wilderness time in the church and through his no-nonsense, compelling way, challenges the church to move beyond navel-gazing to face out to the world.

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Meet the hosts behind the podcast

Episode Quotes

I think being an institution, a thriving, purposeful, happy contended institution would be easy if it weren't for Jesus Christ…here along comes Jesus and says you whitewashed tombs or says to us: "Hey, I'm glad all of you are here and having a wonderful time loving up on each other. But where are the others? I didn't die for the church. I want the world."
– Will Willimon
Episode 1
I think we can choose to rejoice. I think we can choose the action of rejoicing. We can find something good, meaningful, truthful.
– Angela Gorrell
Episode 2
We’re always getting ahead of ourselves, right? Just about tomorrow or lamenting what I did yesterday. Ouch. Why did I say that? And as opposed to staying anchored in the present moment. I think that’s where the joy is.”
– Father Boyle
Episode 3