Igniting Imagination - Summer Soul Tending

Summer Soul Tending - President Lisa Greenwood and co-host Blair Thompson-White invite us to take a step away this summer and enjoy a refreshing Sabbath rest.

Danielle Audiogram

Episode 1:

Be a Soul Ninja

Danielle Shroyer’s curiosity about the spiritual path took an unexpected turn in 2018. This founder of the emerging church movement and deeply faithful Christian leader took the path East, towards the wisdom and practices of the Eastern traditions.

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Joe Stabile Audiogram

Episode 2:

Trust In God's Lead

If you’ve ever wondered how a lifetime of centering prayer shapes a person, listen to this conversation with Joe Stabile. Throughout his life, Joe has had a constant posture of discernment and a deep trust in where God is leading.

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Bolsinger Audiogram

Episode 3:

Follow a Rule of Life

We are inviting you to listen again or for the first time to Tod Bolsinger because the way he talks about how to manage change, stress and resistance without burning out is as practical as it is inspiring.

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Episode Quotes

We could say that the wisdom of the community is always bigger than the wisdom of the one expert or the one professional Christian.
– Danielle Shroyer
Episode 1
When I do this act, whatever it is, I feel the holiness in this moment. So you go back to it again and again and it awakens and depends our spiritual walk. Go find that, whatever that is for you.
– Joe Stabile
Episode 2
Before Jesus gave a sermon, did a miracle, confronted a power, exercised a Demon, he went to the water and heard you are my beloved child...I think all of us need to be grounded in something other than our success.
– Tod Bolsinger
Episode 3