Reservoirs of Resilience

In this podcast series based on Bishop Janice Huie’s publication “Reservoirs of Resilience,” you will hear from people who lead with hope, purpose, and courage. The stories and ideas they share will inspire and equip you to deepen your capacity for resilience so that you can not only survive in this challenging moment but thrive and even strive for the world God imagines.

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A Story of Resilience - Bill's Story

Rev. Bill Lamar, now in his seventh year as Senior Pastor of Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C, draws resilience from ancestors of the past and visions of future generations who will continue the church’s ministry.

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Lilliana Padilla

A Story of Resilience - Liliana's Story

Rev. Liliana Padilla, the Senior Pastor of Westlawn UMC, shares how she drew on her own story of resilience to find the strength to lead her congregation to discern God’s purpose in this time of pandemic.

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A Story of Resilience - Martha's Story

Martha Valencia shares the story of her congregation’s partnership with a church in Honduras and her friendship with their pastor who has faced significant challenges, including helping his congregation navigate two hurricanes and a pandemic.

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A Story of Resilience - Mike's Story

Mike Smith is Executive Director of the Holding Institute in Laredo, Texas. He shares the story of a plant at his home that offers a poignant illustration of resilience.

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Romonica Malone Wardley

A Story of Resilience - Romonica's Story

Rev. Romonica Malone-Wardley is District Superintendent of the Southeast District of the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. She has met people and congregations who have lived through one devastating storm after another.

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Ugonna Onuoha

A Story of Resilience - Ugonna's Story

Ugonna Onuoha’s daughter Agnes was diagnosed with lupus in third grade and passed away in 2019 at age 23. Ugonna tells the story of Agnes’ illness and death to an audience for the first time in this episode.

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EP 6 Schnase

Narratives of Resilience with Bishop Robert Schnase

How we tell the stories of our lives and the life of our church makes all the difference. Bishop Robert Schnase details for us how narrative connects to resilience by sharing personal stories from his time as pastor and his observations as Bishop.

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EP 5 Harvey Erin

Resilience for the Church with Bishop Cynthia Harvey and Erin Hawkins

What is needed to enlarge the capacity of pastors, congregations, annual conferences, and the denomination to become more resilient? Today, we pose that deep and difficult question to our guests Erin Hawkins and Bishop Cynthia Harvey.

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Episode 1

Resilient Leadership with Tod Bolsinger

Dr. Tod Bolsinger’s most recent book published in 2020 is Tempered Resilience: How Leaders are Formed in the Crucible of Change. What better person to offer insights on what resilient leadership looks like today!

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EP 4 Gil

The Reservoir of Courage with Gil Rendle

What better person to talk with about the reservoir of courage than Dr. Gil Rendle, whose book Quietly Courageous has profoundly impacted our work and the work of many leaders in ministry and beyond.

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EP 2 Colette

The Reservoir of Hope with Colette Pierce Burnette

As President of Huston-Tillotson University, Dr. Burnette reflects on the hope she receives from her students, many of whom are first-generation, and how maintaining hope helps her to navigate the challenging landscape of higher education today.

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EP 3 Dori Stephen

The Reservoir of Purpose with Dori Baker and Stephen Lewis

Our conversation with Dori and Stephen is packed with fresh insights about seeing leadership as a communal practice, the role of deep listening, and the work of discerning purpose that requires both risk and courage.

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Meet the Musician Who Makes the Podcast Come Alive!

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Billy Crockett


BILLY CROCKETT is a music producer, performing songwriter, multi- instrumentalist and the creative director of Blue Rock Studio in the Texas Hill Country.


Meet the hosts behind the podcast

Episode Quotes

"The giant challenge isn't the external challenges, as strong as they are, it is the internal resistance..."

– Tod Bolsinger
Episode 1

"The moral arch does bend towards justice, slowly. We have more shoulders leaning on that arch...because more people have been made aware of the deep challenges that we have as a nation."

– Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette
Episode 2

“I found God to be real and truthful and honest and a companion and a good God in the midst of that pain.”

– Ugonna Onuoha
Bonus Episode 2

"Resiliency perhaps is the next most faithful step, even in the midst of heartbreak..."

– Stephen Lewis
Episode 4