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Church Finances for Missional Leaders: Best Practices for Faithful Stewardship
Church Finances for Missional Leaders: Best Practices for Faithful Stewardship
Bonnie Ives Marden
Wesley’s Foundery Books
Book Review By:
Melvin Amerson

Premise of the Book:
Faithful, generous churches build prudent financial practices, procedures and policies upon biblical understandings of a steward’s role in leading and guiding church finance.

What the Book Does:
“Church Finances for Missional Leaders” is a must-read book for clergy and financial leaders of large and small congregations. This resource practically covers many facets of stewardship/generosity from biblical, spiritual, personal, missional and administrative perspectives. Each chapter closes with powerful, thought provoking questions like, “If Jesus chaired your financial ministry or headed up your stewardship campaign, what would be different?” (p.11) Also, the author includes an extensive appendix filled with examples of suggested policies, procedures, guidelines and personal financial reflection exercises.


Invitation: Become a Courageous Steward
Chapter One - Biblical Wisdom for Financial Management for Mission
Chapter Two - Financial Vocabulary
Chapter Three - Managing God’s Money: Personal Financial Stewardship
Chapter Four - Managing God’s Money: Congregational Financial Stewardship
Chapter Five - Income and Motivating Generosity
Chapter Six - Expenditures: Distributing the Gifts
Chapter Seven - Leadership: People Who Count Mad
Chapter Eight - Communication
Chapter Nine - Practices for Protecting All Parties: Policies and Practices

What are the Important Insights:

The author has a created an excellent resource that will strengthen and empower the financial ministry of congregations. Throughout this book Marden shares insightful wisdom to help connect faith, money, generosity and mission. “Financial stewardship directly influences our mission because money funnels our missional activities, spreading God’s love and Jesus’ compassion to all the world.” (p.7) “As a leader, others will not follow where we are not willing to go, so our courage and integrity as financial stewards affects our lives and the lives of all who look to us as leaders for inspiration, guidance, and direction.” (p.35)

Possibilities as a resource for churches:
Excellent resource for clergy and financial leaders who want to embrace and integrate God’s generosity with financial practices that strengthen the church and its mission.

Melvin Amerson Area Representative

Rev. Melvin Amerson is a member of the Texas Annual Conference and serves as a Resource Specialist/Area Representative at TMF. His experience and passion lie in encouraging and developing generous, faithful leaders and congregations.

Melvin is the author of Celebrating the Offering, Fruit for Celebrating the Offering and Stewardship in African American Churches: A New Paradigm, as well as several articles covering topics from generosity, leadership and visioning. Currently, he serves as a board member of the Ecumenical Stewardship Center and is a nationally-recognized generosity consultant known for his engaging presentations.

Melvin obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, a Master of Divinity degree concentrating in Christian education from Gammon Theological Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia, an Executive Leadership certificate from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and a certificate in Professional Fundraising from Boston University.