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  29. Texas Methodist Foundation Launches Neighbor2Neighbor Initiative

    News: Mar 13, 2023

    Neighbor2Neighbor is a 3-year initiative that helps churches be the heart of flourishing for their local neighborhood and community.

  30. Fall 2022 Grant Recipients Help Communities Flourish

    News: Feb 13, 2023

    Recipients are improving the daily lives of people and addressing deeper social and economic factors that shape health and well-being across communities.

  31. Texas Methodist Foundation honors Tom Locke with Medallion of Merit

    News: Jan 17, 2023

    Texas Methodist Foundation (TMF) recently awarded its Medallion of Merit, the organization’s highest honor, to Tom Locke in recognition of his pivotal 33-year role as TMF president

  32. Rev. Lisa Greenwood selected as next president of Texas Methodist Foundation and Wesleyan Investive

    News: Aug 9, 2022

    On August 8, the Texas Methodist Foundation (TMF) and Wesleyan Investive Boards of Directors elected the Rev. Lisa Greenwood as president of the two organizations. Greenwood succeeds Tom Locke.

  33. Texas Methodist Foundation Awards $1.2 Million in Grant Funding to 49 nonprofits

    News: Jun 21, 2022

    Spring 2022 Grant Recipients served in one of four areas of focus, improving the condition of those living in poverty, outreach, community programs and services, and need-based scholarships.

  34. Influencing from the Edge

    News: May 3, 2022

    Sam Hodges from Methodist News interviewed President Tom Locke about his incredible tenure at TMF and our leadership as an edge organization.

  35. Wesleyan Investive Awards $200,000 to Spiritual Entrepreneurs

    News: Mar 29, 2022

    Four Innovative Leaders to be Honored at a Virtual Event on Sunday, May 22

  36. TMF End-of-year Update Q&A with President Tom Locke

    News: Mar 17, 2022

    We are pleased to offer this interim report on the 2021 financial results for TMF. The detailed 2021 impact report will be distributed in April, after the auditors’ final report has been submitted and approved by the finance committee of our board.

  37. Six Distinguished Leaders Join TMF Board

    News: Dec 2, 2021

    The Texas Methodist Foundation (TMF) announced six new board members who will each help support the organization’s work “to empower the Church in the achievement of its God-appointed mission.”

  38. President Tom Locke announces plans to retire in 2022

    News: Nov 30, 2021

    Texas Methodist Foundation (TMF) President Tom Locke has announced he will retire in 2022 after 33 years with the organization.

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  41. Texas Methodist Foundation Announces Daniel Park as Loan Officer to Serve Churches and Nonprofits Across Texas and New Mexico

    News: Jun 7, 2023

    Texas Methodist Foundation (TMF) has deepened its ability to serve the unique needs of churches with the addition of Daniel Park as Loan Officer. Daniel will play a leading role in managing accounts, helping clients continue to grow their churches and ministries.

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  53. Flexing Muscles of Vitality and Wholeness

    News: May 11, 2022

    Using a cohort-based model, TMF gathered congregations by affinity to learn and experience the five adaptive muscles through C3.

  54. Building a Legacy Through Gifts of Stock

    News: May 31, 2022

    Faithbridge raised 5% of their Legacy Campaign through gifts of stock to support building a state-of-the-art space that is convertible, allowing for more traditional services in a chapel-like environment and youth worship in a trendy loft-type space.

  55. Funding Hope in the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

    News: Sep 2, 2022

    Candlelighters provides financial, psychosocial, and therapeutic programs to address the holistic needs families have during pediatric cancer. This year Candlelighters received a TMF grant to help fund their work.

  56. 2023 Tax Seminars

    News: Jan 31, 2023

    The Texas Methodist Foundation (TMF) is offering seminars for clergy and church staff for laity participating in the financial management of the local church.

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  67. Texas Methodist Foundation Grant Recipients Make Positive Social Impacts through Innovative Faith-based Initiatives

    News: Jun 15, 2023

    Spring 2023 grant recipients are engaged in faith-based initiatives, making a positive impact on communities in poverty by directly serving individuals and strengthening social fabric.

  68. Texas Methodist Foundation Names Pamela A. Gray as Director of Philanthropy

    News: Oct 17, 2023

    Spring 2023 grant recipients are engaged in faith-based initiatives, making a positive impact on communities in poverty by directly serving individuals and strengthening social fabric.

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  70. Texas Methodist Foundation Expands Lending Team to Meet the Growing Needs of Churches and Nonprofit Ministries

    News: Jan 9, 2024

    The Texas Methodist Foundation is expanding its investment in growing the church with the addition of Chris Miller as vice president of lending and Douglas Cotner as senior loan officer. Building on the Texas Methodist Foundation’s 85 years as a trusted financial and leadership partner helping to bring about the loving world God imagines, Miller and Cotner will continue to increase the Texas Methodist Foundation’s role as an essential partner supporting the vitality and impact of churches and nonprofit ministries across Texas and New Mexico.

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  74. Texas Methodist Foundation Fall 2023 Grant Recipients Empower Individuals and Lift Up Communities

    News: Feb 13, 2024

    Texas Methodist Foundation (TMF) has awarded $440,000 to 42 churches, schools, and nonprofit organizations during its Fall 2023 grant cycle. This cycle’s recipients are making positive social impacts through innovative faith-based initiatives that are lifting up communities by focusing on the personal and financial wellbeing of individuals and families in those communities.

  75. Cy-Hope Lives into its God-Sized Dream of Bringing Hope to At-Risk Children

    News: Feb 26, 2024

    Rallying the entire Cypress, Texas community to transform childhoods, making life better for its children, Cy-Hope provides counseling, fine arts programs, access to food in and out of school, and a hope-filled Christian summer camp experience for underserved youth.

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  84. 2023 Texas Methodist Foundation Impact Report

    News: Apr 25, 2024

    On behalf of Texas Methodist Foundation, we’d like to share with you stories of impact we are making together, emboldening cultures of purpose, generosity, and courage for the world God imagines.

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  93. Texas Methodist Foundation's Grants Ministry Awards $900,000 to 40 Churches and Nonprofits Across Texas and New Mexico

    News: Jun 5, 2024

    Texas Methodist Foundation (TMF) grants $900,000 to 40 churches and nonprofits across Texas and New Mexico during its Spring 2024 grant cycle. Each grantee nourishes its community through innovative and impactful initiatives that uplift individuals and families.

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  95. Lydia Patterson Institute Nurtures Students Leading Transformative Lives

    News: Jun 18, 2024

    Each morning, Lydia Patterson Institute (LPI) students wake up before the sun rises in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, and cross the border into El Paso, Texas, to go to school. In the process, these students courageously change the trajectory of their lives and their families’ lives forever.