Employment Opportunity

TMF Director of Grants Opening

Position: TMF Director of Grants:

TMF’s Grants Ministry is an integral part of TMF’s strategic direction “to help the church become more purposeful and more clearly focused on its God-appointed mission through the integration of financial and leadership resources.” The director of grants plays a vital role in that strategic process. That role includes the following key outcomes and leadership qualities.

Desired External Outcomes:

• Support innovative leadership by focusing on bright spots and investing in spiritual/social entrepreneurs
• Expand TMF’s knowledge of organizations and leaders supporting under-resourced communities.
• Prioritize grants for under-resourced communities
• Build an efficient operational process that is user friendly
• Create a system to measure impact in terms of mission, learning and finances using both soft and hard metrics in both congregations and other non-profits
• Serve as consultant to our grantees to help them expand capacity and sustainability
• Discover ways that TMF’s grants can be leveraged
• Partner with other granting organizations

Desired Internal Outcomes:

• Lead grants to become an integral part of our strategic direction by working with TMF’s Area Representatives, Leadership Ministry, and Philanthropy to develop an integrated approach for pastoral leadership and congregational improvement and learning
• Partner with Communications to enlarge TMF’s capacity to link the story of others to TMF’s purpose and values
• Participate in senior staff discussions
• Ongoing attention to ensuring donor’s intention(s) are honored for restricted grants

Leadership Qualities:

• Excellent communicator
• Budgeting and accounting experience
• Values are consistent with TMF culture

Spiritual Entrepreneur:

• Can see what is emerging and collaborates readily
• Imaginative - always looking for opportunities
• Comfortable with ambiguity and risk
• Finds satisfaction in the success of others
• Comfortable developing relationships with diverse socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic communities
• Thinks big!

Systems Thinker:

• Ability to organize and plan
• Brings a network of relationships with them – relationships with under-served communities is a plus
• Understands the positive relationship between institutions and innovators
• Ability to see the possibilities to further integrate Grants Ministry into TMF’s culture

Lifelong Learner:

• Comfortable with sharing learning• Comfortable with peer learning
• Understands the power of telling the other’s story
• Can inspire leadership in others
• Constantly seeking lessons learned and applying learnings to different contexts

Experience and Education:

Prefer someone experienced working with non-profits supporting under-served groups and someone who has at least a Bachelor's Degree.

Additional Information:

Reports to Executive Vice President Curtis Vick with ready access to President Tom Locke. Accountable to Grants Committee of TMF Board of Directors for oversight and approval.

Please apply by sending your resume and cover letter directly to Susan Puhar at spuhar@tmf-fdn.org. Applications are due by August 15, 2021.