Rendle Endowment Empowers Innovation

Mosaix President and Co-Founder Mark DeYmaz

May 1, 2020

In October, over eighty church leaders, both clergy and lay, came together to explore innovation, courage, and resilience. During the Courageous Leadership Imperative (CLI)’s Launch 2.0, a TMF Leadership Ministry event, church teams from across the South Central Jurisdiction arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas ready to learn and create.

They heard from ministry leaders who were pioneering new concepts and had the opportunity to develop ministry ideas that would benefit their communities. Since the participating churches sent pastors and laity, the core teams who were dreaming and developing ideas would be able to fully implement those ideas once they returned home. For TMF’s Leadership Ministry, executing this team approach was a first and it was successful.

Another first was the partnership between Leadership Ministry and the Mosaix Global Network, an ecumenical nonprofit based in Little Rock and launched in 2004, dedicated to establishing healthy multiethnic and economically diverse, socially just, and financially sustainable churches for the sake of the gospel. “We appreciated the invitation to partner with TMF and share our learnings at Launch 2.0,” Mosaix President and Co-Founder Mark DeYmaz shared. “TMF is investing in innovation and development. This is not merely a short-term gain, but a long-term win. As TMF continues to sow seeds by investing in leaders, we look forward to future opportunities for partnership.”

Mosaix President and Co-Founder Mark DeYmaz

During the Mosaix presentation, participants responded so positively to their work that TMF offered everyone a scholarship to attend the upcoming Mosaix19, a national multiethnic church conference that occurs every three years. Several participants wanted to take advantage of that offer, which was made possible by the Gil Rendle Endowment designed to spur courageous leadership in the church.

Emily Autry was one of those leaders. She is part of a ministry team from First UMC Fort Smith, Arkansas that is attempting to reach the fastest growing area of the city. It is more diverse, with a medical school and college, and it is attracting new people who are flocking to the east side.

“What I loved about Launch 2.0,” Emily started with excitement, “was the creative thinking focus. It was an entire conference dedicated to helping you have the tools you needed to consider new ideas and how to implement them.” When she heard the offer to attend Mosaix19 as well, she jumped at the chance. She was interested in what the speakers from Mosaix were sharing at Launch 2.0 as it pertained to economics and business models of ministry.

While attending Mosaix19, she heard from practitioners and experts who wanted participants to think about leveraging their assets – people, buildings, and money – to generate sustainable income streams and bless the community. “I think Mosaix gave me the energy I needed to make what I had dreamed about at Launch 2.0 with my team come true,” Emily shared. “Now, I feel more confident about creating a diverse church that can serve our community. Launch 2.0 and Mosaix helped me articulate my call in the church, so I am thankful TMF made that possible through the scholarship.”

If you would like to support the Gil Rendle Endowment and empower more leaders like Emily to be innovative and courageous, you can give here or contact Justin Gould to discuss the best ways to support TMF’s Leadership Ministry jgould@tmf-fdn.org | 512-583-1944.