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June 16, 2021

TMF Extends Retirement Blessings to Two Colleagues

TMF wished a warm but bittersweet farewell to two dedicated colleagues at a retirement celebration held in their honor on June 16th. Patsy Wilson, assistant vice president of human resources, and Jacki Lammert, director of grants ministry, are retiring from TMF after 37 combined years of faithful service.

Patsy Wilson has been a dedicated servant to the mission of TMF for over 30 years. “I think this place is just in her bones,” laughed Robert Hoppe, vice president of loans. After a long tenure in the loan department, she became building manager and then provided pivotal leadership in Human Resources.

“Really, I think she could do just about anything here,” Hoppe observed. “But it’s more than just being able to perform a job description,” he continued. “Patsy is the epitome of a team player and was living out our core values of Servanthood, Integrity, and Competence long before they were ever actually named. It’s just who she is, always has time for others, whether it’s a co-worker or a church.”

As TMF grew and Human Resources became more and more important, Patsy was the ideal person to develop that role into what it is today. She not only juggles all of the daily details of personnel management, payroll, and benefits, she has also helped establish and nurture a culture of growth, learning and trust. As one colleague commented, “No matter what issue I went to Patsy to talk about, whether simple or complex, I always knew she had my best interests at heart.”

“And I can attest to her invaluable patience as a mentor and friend while training me to move into this role,” concluded Susan Puhar.

Jacki Lammert’s pivotal role at TMF was also celebrated.

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“It is really difficult to try to sum up Jacki’s impact on TMF’s Grants Ministry in a few words,” said Curtis Vick, executive vice president. “During her 6-1/2-year tenure, she has changed the trajectory of grants from the admittedly good work of improvement to the creative work of investing in innovative approaches that are making a sustainable and systemic impact on some of the most difficult issues facing our society,” he continued. “She has implemented a process for measuring goals and evaluating progress which is critical for recognizing success or adjusting strategies to achieve outcomes,” he added. “And she’s fostered an environment in which our grantees learn from us and we learn from them.”

Many commented on Jacki’s understanding that saying “no” is crucial to lasting success. “Jacki had the resolve to make the hard decision to say ‘no’ to some initiatives because she wanted every dollar to go toward maximum impact,” commented a colleague. “But she also had the passion to walk alongside and mentor those organizations and leaders because she knows it takes all of us working together to close that gap between heaven and earth.”

Many donors comment that it is the track record Jacki has established that motivates them to partner with TMF. “Through Jacki and TMF we know our gift will be focused through their collective and knowledgeable management for the greater good,” said one recent donor.

When asked about retirement plans, Jacki said, “I plan to spend lots of time with family and friends, but I’ll be watching TMF from the sidelines,” she cautioned. But according to her husband Rob Dickinson, “I married an alpha female. Before I knew it, she had me agreeing to go to Afghanistan in the middle of a war!”

The influence Patsy and Jacki have had on TMF staff and constituents as a partner in ministry, mentor, supporter, and encourager will continue to guide our work far into the future. Please join us in wishing each of them Godspeed in their retirement adventures!